A Strong Foundation

Your VA will work with you to establish a strong foundation for your business. One on which you can continue to build without risking collapse.

Your business requires your expertise. However, any business needs that do not require your expertise – such as administrative & online marketing tasks – can (and should) be delegated to someone with expertise in those areas, like a professional VA. This will save you time, money (& frustration!) AND will ensure that your business is built on a strong foundation.

In my practice, foundation building begins as soon as we start working together. In our first month, I encourage a phone call once each week (more often if needed). Time for these phone calls is not charged because I believe they are key to building a strong foundation for our working relationship which translates into success for your business.

After the first month, I encourage monthly phone calls for strategizing, updates, and making sure that we remain “on the same page.”